This eclectic mix builds the identity of our festival and sets it apart from many other musical events.

New York composer and guitar maestro Yonatan Gat, the vibrant Mexicans from Sonido Gallo Negro, the phenomenal Halina Rice with her foot-tapping DJ set, and the dark rock performance by Canadian Alex Henry Foster are among the highlights of this year’s East of Culture – Different Sounds festival, which takes place in Lublin from June 27-30. This year marks the 17th edition of the festival organised by Workshops of Culture in Lublin and its 11th iteration under the banner of East of Culture, a project executed by the National Centre for Culture with funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and involving three cities in Eastern Poland: Lublin, Białystok, and Rzeszów.

About artists

A defining aspect of the East of Culture – Different Sounds festival is its inclusive, multi-genre approach We continually seek out diverse sounds across all genres, movements, and styles. The upcoming edition promises to be just as exciting, offering music enthusiasts four full days of diverse musical experiences, ranging from alternative guitar sounds to sophisticated electronics, jazz, world and avant-garde music, and even sing-alongs with favourite artists. This eclectic mix builds the identity of our festival and sets it apart from many other musical events. In the spirit of this stylistic diversity, we are excited to present more exceptional performers. New York’s own Yonatan Gat, a masterful composer and skilled guitarist, leads this list. The event will also feature the dynamic and culturally diverse Sonido Gallo Negro from Mexico, who infuse their music with a mix of traditional South American influences and punk energy. Electronic music enthusiasts can expect a riveting show from the phenomenal Halina Rice, while Alex Henry Foster and his band will captivate us with their haunting, melancholy, dark rock tunes.

Yonatan Gat – is a guitar virtuoso and one of the top artists in the avant-garde music scene of New York. Fans of alternative music primarily know him from the cult trio Monotonix, which captivated the world with its energetic, wild concerts. He also regularly collaborates with musicians from renowned bands such as Sonic Youth, Swans, and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Beyond composing and performing his own music, Yonatan Gat is also actively involved in publishing other artists. To this end, he established his own label, Stone Tapes. In Lublin, he will perform with his original band, blending rock with elements of punk and free improvisation with ethnic music.

Sonido Gallo Negro – hailing from Mexico City, Sonido Gallo Negro is a dynamic orchestra that seamlessly incorporates the vibrant and unique sounds of Mexico’s rich musical heritage into electrifying live shows, making them a perfect addition to the lineup of Different Sounds. Their shows are an explosive experience, encouraging all to join in and groove towards the stage, regardless of where they are playing. In addition to drawing inspiration from the native Mexican scene, Sonido Gallo Negro also incorporates elements of South American cumbia, psychedelic funk, surf rock, and even hints of ska and punk influences.

Halina Rice – a DJ, producer, and experimenter based in London, is an artist of Polish descent who has become one of the leading figures in the British electronic music scene. She is a true cosmopolitan artist, constantly pushing boundaries and making a mark in the European market with her diverse recordings and live shows. Her performances never fail to surprise, aligning perfectly with the festival’s philosophy. Recently, Plastic Magazine described her style as a „stunning display of deconstructed club music exploration wrapped in exquisite sound design.

Alex Henry Foster renowned artist hailing from Montreal, has made a name for himself in the local scene. He is best known for being the singer and frontman of the Montreal band Your Favorite Enemies, but is also a vocalist, lyricist, composer, and social activist. This Canadian man has many talents and a wide range of musical interests that cover styles from Sonic Youth, The Bad Seeds to Mogwai. Following his successes in his homeland, largely thanks to his excellent studio album „Windows in the Sky” and the equally impressive live album „Standing Under Bright Lights,” Alex Henry Foster is beginning to make his mark on the music scene across Europe.

This year’s edition of the East of Culture – Different Sounds festival takes place in Lublin, from June 27-30, 2024. It is a true celebration for fans of alternative music that prides itself on delivering an eclectic mix of musical styles and genres, ensuring attendees experience nothing short of high artistic quality, originality, and a programme that transcends generations and disciplines. However, this festival is more than just music. Each year, the audience can engage with ambitious literature, captivating cinema, visual arts and photography. They can also take part in workshops designed for families.

The upcoming festival boasts an eclectic lineup of gifted performers, including Lubomyr Melnyk, Adrian Sherwood, AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE, and the RuinsZu project, a joint effort between legendary avant-garde jazz artists from Italy and Japan.

Admission to the festival remains free, with more announcements coming soon! and

East of Culture – Different Sounds27-30 June 2024

Lublin, Błonia near the Castle

Admission is free

Organiisers: The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, The National Centre for Culture, the City of Lublin, Workshops of Culture in Lublin