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LINE-UP 2024

WSCHODNI EXPRESS | Boris Filonenko, Anton Reznik, Danyl Shtangeev: “Z mięty” – spotkanie


30/06/2024 | 11:00 – 12:00


Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a - auditorium




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Jun 30 2024


11:00 - 12:00

WSCHODNI EXPRESS | Boris Filonenko, Anton Reznik, Danyl Shtangeev: “Z mięty” – spotkanie

Intrigue starts with the title itself. The book’s title hints at its ambiguity and layered meaning. Vanya and Marychka live together to their own rhythm, until one day Vanya disappears in unusual circumstances… This story, told from two distinct perspectives, delves into love, routine, communication, and the weariness of overused storytelling techniques. Prepare to be engaged: the text is peppered with cultural references, akin to unmarked cracks and holes lurking within the cityscape, demanding your full attention to navigate.

Participants: Borys Filonenko – Author of the text (online), Anton Reznik, Danyl Shtangeev – Graphic artists (online), Aleksandra Zinczuk – Translator, Moderators: Grzegorz Nowicki and Olga Maciupa; Interpreter: Volodymyr Dyshleviuk

Boris Filonenko – Born in 1991, lives and works in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv. Writer, curator, art critic and editor-in-chief of IST Publishing (Kharkiv-Kyiv-Khmelnytskyi). He was co-curator of the Ukrainian Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale (2022) and 18th Venice Architecture Biennale (2023) and the Second National Biennale of Young Art in Kharkiv (2019). In 2015-2018 he was curator of the Come in Art gallery and the Aza Nizi Maza gallery in Kharkiv. In 2017-2024 lecturer and curator of the Humanities Department at the Kharkiv School of Architecture.

Danyl Shtangeev – Illustrator, comic book artist and graphic artist from Kharkiv. His stories and illustrations have been published in the comic book anthology “GON, Strapazin & Wooby.Club”. Since 2016 he has been the art director of the Colotune production studio.

Anton Reznik – Artist, graphic artist, comic book author and animator from Kharkiv. In 2016-2022 he worked in the Aza Nizi Maza art studio (Kharkiv, Ukraine). Author and co-author of competitive and highly regarded art and comic book projects. Proficient in various printing techniques.

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